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Woman Accused of Murder Pleads Not Guilty

This past week a woman began her trial for being accused of killing her mother in her Lakewood apartment in the month of May. The defendant was identified as Angie Diamond and she was arrested late May at her home in Lakewood, CA for the murder of her mother. According to the County Sheriff's Department, the allegations include allegations that the defendant used deadly weapons to kill her mother. The investigators at the scene of the crime determined that the defendant used a hammer and a knife to kill her mother. The authorities also included a 2013 felony conviction in Los Angeles County for making criminal threats. She apparently told Sheriff's Lakewood detectives that she killed her mother on May 25 following a fight in her apartment in the 4100 block of Maybank Avenue in Lakewood. The mother's body was found by relatives two days later and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The defendant is being held on $1.14 million bail and will be awaiting the beginning of her trial in the coming weeks. Her next court appearance is scheduled for later this month and if she is convicted then she could be facing a maximum sentence of 35 years to life in state prison. According to Lt. Daniel Beringer of the Sheriff's Lakewood Station stated that is the first homicide in the city of Lakewood this year, which shows that the police in the city of Lakewood have been doing an excellent job at keeping the city safe from harm. There was also only one homicide in the city in the year of 2013. Police are also asking for the public's help for any information that they may have about this case that could help them figure out what exactly happened. So if you have any information please contact the police immediately.

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