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Lakewood Bail Bonds
bail bonds in lakewood ca

When someone is taken to custody by the Lakewood Sheriff's Station officers, the arrestee will be held at their jail located at 5130 Clark Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712. The defendant will remain in their custody for up to two business days before taking to court for arraignment purposes. While at the sheriff station, the defendant has the opportunity to post bail and be released from custody so he or she may better prepare for their court date.


A few steps must take place before the jailers allow a bond to be posted. First, the arrestee must be fully identified and booked into the system. Second, the arrestee must be live-scanned (fingerprinted), and those fingerprints will be forwarded to the county court system as well as the Department of Justice, to make sure the defendant is not wanted for other violations nor has outstanding warrants. Third, our agents here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Lakewood will reach the jailer and collect the necessary information to complete the paperwork required for release. The previous described steps may take between an hour and a few hours to be completed, depending on how busy the jailers are and how fast the live-scan results are returned to the jailer.


When the jailer on duty clears the defendant for bail, it is our agent’s job to turn in the completed paperwork and work for an expedited release of the defendant. Upon release, the agent will collect some basic information from the defendant, take a current picture of him, provide him with the information needed for his court date and send them on their way home.


Now, unlike if the defendant stays in custody, the court arraignment will not be in two business days from release. Defendant will be assigned a court date which falls in a few weeks from the release date. This will help the defendant gather needed evidence and seek legal help, it will also allow the court to review the incident report and decide if the case will even be filed.


After showing up to the assigned court date, the bail agent must be notified with outcome of the hearing, and of any future court dates if there is any.

The Bail Bonds Process in Lakewood

Why Sunrise Bail Bonds Lakewood!

lakewood bail
Our Promise

As you may know, Bail is a constitutional right given to us all by the founding fathers.


It helps to serve the fact that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Bail bonding services are approved and regulated by the state’s Department of Insurance.


Bail Bonds are bonds that someone purchase to help a friend or a family member out of jail so the defendant may fight his or her case from outside of jail walls.


In Los Angeles County, the bail schedule is relatively higher than most other counties, and the cost of a bail bond is higher due to that fact, but here we pledge to make our services affordable to all those who may need it.


We believe everyone shall have a fair chance to defend themselves and not fall for the whole plea bargain scheme practiced by most district attorneys in our supreme courts.

Our Experience

Agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Lakewood have a combined experience of over 25 years in the bail industry. Each and every one of our agents is trained to provide the fastest bond approvals and the best customer service. Throughout our years serving Lakewood city and the surrounding areas, we built a very good relationship with sheriff officers and personal, which makes our job a lot easier and more efficient. We know you never thought that you will be on our site trying to obtain our services.


You always wished that you will never need us, and honestly, we rather not be needed neither. Frankly, however, no one wakes up in the morning planning to get arrested, and in times of need, it is good to know that you have a reputable agency on your side.


The fact that we are a state licensed and a bonded business is not what makes us your best option, but the fact that we are family men who appreciate the value of having your loved one come home to their kids in times like this.

Payment Options

We provide the best and easiest bonds approvals, and also arranges for the lowest and most flexible interest-free payment plans. No matter what your financial situation is or how your credit looks like, we provide a choice of a plan for you.


We understand how money can be a burden to get your loved one out of jail, and we will make sure those burdens vanish when you call us. We are confident there is a plan to fit your budget. Don’t hesitate to pick you phone and call on of our agents here at Lakewood Bail Bonds to find out how we may help your loved one out from behind jail bars.


Our bail service covers the neighboring cities of Lakewood, to the north of Lakewood we provide local service in Bellflower, Paramount, Norwalk and Downey, to the east of Lakewood our local agents are always ready to provide bail bonds service in Cerritos, south of Lakewood we reach Long Beach and Seal Beach, to the west our service covers Carson, Compton and Lynwood.

Address :

5150 Candlewood St #18 D

Lakewood, CA 90712

Telephone :

(562) 731-2311
Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

24 Hours Bail Bonds Service In

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How bail bonds work in Lakewood, CA!

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