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Lakewood Bail Bonds
bail bonds in lakewood ca

When you get arrested here in Lakewood, you will be transferred to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station at 5130 Clark Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712. They will keep you there imprisoned about 2 days until you go to the court for arraignment. However, you have the right to post bail and be released so you can be prepared for your court date.

Before that, there is a process called the bail bonds process that must be followed.
First things first, when you arrive to the station, the jailer must fully identify you and book you to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database. Then, via a machine called Live Scan they will send your fingerprints to the Department of Justice and to the County Court System to see if you have any pending warrants or if you are wanted by any law agencies. Then, your hired bail bondsman is going to bring to the station the paperwork needed so you can be released. That process may take an hour or maybe more depending how busy the Sheriff’s Station is at that moment.

When you will be cleared for release from jail, the bondsman is going to post the bail together with any necessary paperwork. After your release, the bondsman is going to ask you for your personal information and take a picture of yours and he/she will provide you with all the information about your court date. After that you can go home and wait your court appointment.

The assigned court date is going to be a few weeks later for the purpose to help the defendant to seek legal representative, gather evidence and allow the court to review the incident report and decide if the case will even be filed.

Lakewood bail bonds.

Why Sunrise Bail Bonds Lakewood!

lakewood bail
Our Promise

Bail is a fundamental constitutional right that applies to everyone here in the United States. The reason is that for our founding fathers everyone is innocent until proven the opposite.


The State’s Department of Insurance approves and regulates the Bail Bonds Services.

You have the right to purchase a bail bond helping your beloved one to get released from prison and to be able to fight for his or her case without being inside jail.

For the reason that here in Los Angeles County the bail schedule is higher than most of the other counties, makes the costs of a bail bond also higher.


However, here in Bail Bonds Lakewood, we offer our services in affordable prices for everyone.

The reason is that we strongly believe that every arrested person has the right to defend his or her self and not fall for the whole plea bargain scheme practiced by most district attorneys in our supreme courts.

Our Experience

We know that you wouldn’t believe that one day you may ask for our help. Nobody plans to get arrested ever in his/her life. It is a fact that you wished to never bring your self in such a situation and honestly, we also rather that you never need us. However, things can easily go wrong and is a good thing to have our agency on your side.

Our extremely skilled and highly trained agents operate for many years in the area of Lakewood and its surrounding areas. They are very capable in bringing the best results and provide the best bail bonds services in a fast and district way.
Because of their huge experience all those years, they managed to built a great relationship with Sheriff Officers and personnel, something that gives us an advantage and makes our job easier and most efficient.

Also understand, the fact that we are a state licensed bail bonds office is not the most important reason to choose us. For us, the critical reason to hire us is the fact that we are all family men and we understand how valuable is the defendant to be able to be with family and friends surrounded by loved ones instead of the cold walls of a prison.

Payment Options

Here at Lakewood Bail Bonds, we understand that the amount of money needed to release your loved one it can be a huge burden for you. That’s why we are confident that we can remove that burden from your shoulders with all the flexible payment plans we offer.

We provide the easiest bonds approvals but also the we can manage to arrange the lowest interest-free payment plans. No matter your current financial situation our agents are going to help you choose one of our payments plans that will help you to be able to pay the costs needed easily and without stress. There is no way to not find a plan fitting your budget. If you compare our plans with other bail bonds officers you will see that there is a huge difference between us and them. Don’t waste any more time, call us and let us help you now!


Our bail service covers the neighboring cities of Lakewood, to the north of Lakewood we provide local service in Bellflower, Paramount, Norwalk and Downey, to the east of Lakewood our local agents are always ready to provide bail bonds service in Cerritos, south of Lakewood we reach Long Beach and Seal Beach, to the west our service covers Carson, Compton and Lynwood.

Address :

5150 Candlewood St #18 D

Lakewood, CA 90712

Telephone :

(562) 731-2311
Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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How bail bonds work in Lakewood, CA!

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