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city of lakewood ca

Located 21 miles southeast from Downtown Los Angles, and a major interesting Los Angeles county city, with a population of 80,048 people, Lakewood is on unique city. The city is surrounded by Long Beach to the west, cypress to the east, bellflower to the north, and south of it is Hawaiian Gardens. The city’s main roads are mostly boulevards.


Also Known as the “instant city” due to the rapid development it accomplished. The area of where Lakewood sits now used to be nothing but Lima beans fields. Soon after World War II, the city was incorporated in 1953, and grew to very well sustained and developed city.


It is considered one of the Pioneer cities in America when it comes to service. Even though the city was incorporated in 1953, it was the first city in the nation to contract state and public agencies to provide all of its municipal services. Since then many cities in California adopted the Lakewood service plan.Lakewood is the home of the first Denny’s Restaurant. In 1953 Harold Butler founded Danny’s Donuts, which was renamed Denny's Restaurant in 1959. Article by Exclusive Bail Bonds Lakewood.

City of Lakewood, CA

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