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Lakewood bail bonds FAQs.

what's bail

A Bail Bond or a surety bond is a contract to assure the court that the defendant will attend to all court dates. Al bondsman who is licensed by the state of California will contract with the defendent or family memebers to assure the defendant adheres to all court appearances. This bondsman is backed by an insurance company or surety company in order to be able to provide bail bonds.

What is a Bail Bond?
what happens after arrest

Cities are  different in the way an arrested person is handled due to their regulations. Usually when a person is arrested this person will be taken to a local jail to be booked. The arrested person is usually live scanned immediatly and all his property will be taken for safe keeping. It may take up to 2 days for an arrested person to see a judge or court commissioner. In California the law states that the arrested person must be able to see a judge within 24 to 48 hours depending on the crime.

how is bail amount set

Different things that are taken into consideration when setting the bail amount. For example, the danger and severity of the crime. The more dangerous the crime caused the public the higher the bail amount will be. For instance if the crime is a robbery but there was brute force used against a person or someone was hurt then the bail amount may be higher. Than if it was just a common robbery.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?
bail premium

The bail bond premium in California is 10%. If the bail amount is 30,000 then 10% of that would be 3,000. Bail bonds agencies are not allowed to charge higher or lower than 10% as a bail bonds premium. This is regulated by the state of CA.

How is the bail amount set?
How much is the bail bond premium?
How to get qualified for a bail bond?
What exactly is a Bail Bond?

In order to get qualified for a bail bond you need to meet the requirments for that. A few factors that are highly important, the ability to pay, the stability and the willingness of the indemnitor to pay off the bail bond. But also the ability to make sure that the defendant will show up to all court dates. Does the indemnitor have assets that can be liquified if need be? Are they a United States Citizen? Does the person have good Credit? How long have they lived at present address.


Each case is different and understand that the criterias are based on the bail amount.

credit cards accepted

In order to make things easier for our clients here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Lakewood we accept all major credit cards. American Express, Discover Master Card and Visa. We also accept personal checks and cash. We will also work out payment option that fits your budget.


Because we know this can be a difficult situation and not everyone has money available, we are always ready to help .

Do you accept credit cards?

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