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Lakewood Courthouse

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When someone is arrested in the city of Lakewood, their trial will most likely be set at the Bellflower courthouse, which is located at 10025 East Flower St. Bellflower, CA 90706. This is because the city of Lakewood does not have its own courthouse, so the police department will handle all of their cases at the Bellflower courthouse.


The Bellflower courthouse does not only serve the city of Lakewood, however, they also serve the cities of Bellflower, Norwalk, Downey, and Huntington Park. There are thousands of people that enter and exit this building every day, so the safety of everyone in the building falls on the Bellflower police department. They have an office inside of the courthouse as well as officers at the entrance of the courthouse to search every single person that enters the building. You could go to any officer for assistance with safety or to ask about the courthouse. The Bellflower courthouse has an administration office where you could go to find out where you need to go to handle your legal issue. This courthouse serves both civil and criminal cases, which means that you could come here if you were arrested or if you need to take someone to court.


The clerk’s office that is located on the second floor of the courthouse is there to take any payment for the terms of your settlement or to inform you of the status of your case. There are two separate offices, one for felony offenses and one for misdemeanor offenses and you could ask them which one your case lands in. They do offer a public defender for those in need of an attorney. There is also an office for small claims cases and the people in charge in that department are trained to help you with all of the paperwork necessary to file a small claim against someone. This courthouse also handles any traffic violations, whether you need to go to court or you if you need to see a judge regarding your violation. If you would like to bail out someone at the courthouse then you will need to do so before 3 o’clock because the bond clerk will not accept any bonds after that time.

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Lakewood Superior Court.

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