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19-time Felon Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Yesterday, a Lakewood resident was arrested and charged with running a drug ring through his Lakewood home according to police. This man was identified as Larry Alan Hayes and police have been working on his case for some time now. After much investigation and observation, police were finally able to prove that Hayes was running a drug trafficking business through his home. According to police, the 46-year-old man is a known 19-time felon. Hayes admitted to making a lot of money by selling drugs since his most recent release from prison back in 2013. When the police raided Hayes’ house, they found a large sum of money, methamphetamine, heroin and guns in his cars and home. They also confiscated a BMW, a Nissan 300Z, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and a 1923 Ford Roadster because they believe the suspect obtained all of these items with his drug money. Allegedly, he had a partner in crime, Sean Michael Hill and he will be charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and illegal firearms possession. Both of these men will do a lot of time in prison for their participation in the drug trafficking business.

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