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Lakewood Resident Saves Beaten California Cop

An Unidentified resident of Lakewood helped save a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy earlier this week by intervening when he saw a suspect viciously beating the deputy. The deputy was responding to a domestic-violence call at a mall in Lakewood, where a man and a woman were found fighting. When the deputies arrived at the mall, they found the woman and found out that the suspect had fled the scene. So while one officer interviewed the woman, another deputy went looking for the man involved in the fight. The suspect was later identified as Frankie Estrada and was found walking through the mall, trying to blend in

with the crowd. When the deputy, Brandon Love, found the suspect, Love began walking the suspect out of the mall when Estrada attacked the officer and began stomping on his head and neck repeatedly according to authorities. A bystander then intervened and pulled the suspect off of the officer and backup immediately rushed to the scene. Estrada was detained and later pleaded not guilty earlier this week to charges of attempted murder of a police officer, aggravated mayhem and other charges. Blog by Exclusive Bail Bonds Lakewood.


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